GreenStep Asia Awards 2016

What is GreenStep Asia Environmental Awards program?
GreenStep Asia is a program to promote environmental sustainability and honor Asian environmental leaders!

The flooring industry is being transformed by consumers and industry demands for environmentally sustainable products. Long known for innovation and new product development, the Asian flooring manufacturing community has responded with the next generation of innovative and sustainable products.  The goal for the GreenStep Asia Environmental Awards program is to support and promote those efforts and to give Asian suppliers the credit and recognition they deserve.

GreenStep Awards program aims to:

  • Raise Awareness about environmental issues throughout the flooring community;
  • Promote the sustainable development of the Asian flooring industry at all levels;
  • Support and Recognize Asian manufacturers for their commitments to environmental initiatives;
  • Honor those companies and individuals that embody the principles of environmental stewardship so important in today’s global flooring industry 

GreenStep Asia Environmental Awards program is organized in cooperation with Floor Covering Weekly (FCW). It was first introduced in DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2014.

Founded by FCW in 2009, GreenStep Awards Program has since become one of the most influential programs that recognizes green initiatives throughout the flooring industry and it is now recognized by all major U.S. flooring industry associations and suppliers. 


Mr. Santiago Montero, Publisher (FCW) at 2nd Edition of GreenStep Asia Awards ceremony 
held during DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2015

The 7th edition of GreenStep Awards program was held on August 4, 2015 in Dalton, USA. Mohawk, Shaw, Crossville were the three companies that swept all eight awards given out across the board.


“First of all, I feel really honored and privileged for Mohawk to be recognized. But what really struck me today was what a great industry this is. We have all made these big investments and commitments to sustainability and we all push each other to get better. With the GreenStep awards process, I think FCW has provided a framework for all of us to continue pushing forward on that front every year.”

   Mr. Brian Carson, President, Mohawk
2015 GreenStep Pinnacle and Product Winner

*source Floor Covering Weekly Magazine


Am I eligible to join the GreenStep Asia Awards?
The competition is open to Asian flooring companies or other regions’ flooring companies that have plants or physical  manufacturing presence in Asia-Pacific where they apply the principles of environmental sustainability. Entries have to be related to initiatives realized in Asia-Pacific only.

You can choose to apply in any of the following categories:

  •    Product

Any product that is sustainable and eco-friendly is eligible for participation in this category. Features such as the amount of recycled content used, or use of natural materials, or the recyclability of a product at the end of its life are good examples of the kinds of attributes that our judges look for.

  •   Practice/Process

This category includes any practice or process improvement that reduces negative environmental impact or promotes sustainability. For example, consider process improvements such as reduction in water usage or increasing yield from logs with a new milling method, etc. Also, adding solar panels to an existing factory or a water reclamation system are good examples of meaningful environmental practices.

  •    Pinnacle

A person or company that has gone above and beyond professional duty and industry norms, benefitting the flooring industry with personal and/or professional leadership in the area of environmental sustainability. This award can be given for any or all promotional, educational and/or advocacy initiatives.

What are the program’s benefits?
GreenStep Asia Awards Program offers great exposure opportunities for your brand in the USA and global market!

Benefits offered to ALL entries:

  • Dedicated E-newsletters sent by Floor Covering Weekly Global to over 13,500 worldwide readers and by show organizer to over 200,000 show database contacts.
  • Dedicated pre and post show press release from the show organizer distributed to over 200 international and domestic media partners
  •  Publication on FCW and DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR websites and social media groups
  •  Publication in a dedicated GreenStep asia show daily distributed for free during the show to over 45,000 visitors, over 1,200 exhibitors and all media partners
  •  Promotion at other international flooring shows - DOMOTEX (Germany), The International Surfaces Event (USA), Archidex (Malaysia) and more (applicable for entries submitted by December 31st, 2015. The information of all the entries is put in a USB and distributed to visitors and exhibitors during these shows.)
  •  Special award ceremony onsite with the presence of domestic and international industry media
  •  An invitation to attend 2016 GreenStep Awards ceremony in USA for the Green Pinnacle Winner
  •  Announcement of the winners in a dedicated page on show daily distributed for free during the show
  •  Interview at your booth with a Floor Covering Weekly journalist and feature in a post show article in FCW and FCW Global
  •  Special GreenStep Asia sign at your booth to attract more visitors to your stand during the show
  • Announcement of the winners in the post-show press release sent by our organizers


How is the judging process conducted?
An authoritative and unbiased jury composed by experts of some of the world’s most influential associations and media in the industry will judge and award the most remarkable green commitments in Asia.

Each of the judges will be provided with all the entries descriptions, photos and any relevant certificates and will vote for 1 winner and 1 honorable mention in each category (product, process and pinnacle).

The votes come independently from each judge to FCW and DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR organizers. The entry which receives more votes as winner and the entry which receives more votes as honorable mention will be announced for each award category during a ceremony that will take place during the 18th edition of DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR.

Note:  2016 GreenStep Asia Awards Jury members will be announced beginning of January 2016.


How can I apply?
To be part of 2016 GreenStep Asia Environmental Awards please follow these steps:

1. Chose the right entry category for you and fill in ENTRY APPLICATION FORM

2. Write a clear and truthful description of your entry in ENTRY INTRODUCTION FORM

3. Prepare a max of 5 photos (jpg, high resolution) which best show your entry’s characteristics

4. If applicable, prepare a copy of any relevant certificates accredited to your entry

EMAIL all the materials to:

For more information you may also speak directly to your contact sales representative.

Application deadline: January 31, 2016