Creative Matters Inc.

Carol Sebert, President, Creative Matters Inc.

Creative Matters Inc. was founded by Carol Sebert and two colleagues in downtown Toronto in 1988. Now this well-respected Canadian rug brand works on important projects across the globe. With sole owner Sebert at the helm, Creative Matters has created many impressive collections and designs through the firm’s signature ‘Art Days’. 


1. How would you summarise the range or ranges of rugs that your brand produces?
We offer a very wide range of products from hand-knotted wool and silk rugs from Nepal and hand-tufted and woven Axminster goods from Thailand through to printed goods from Holland. Our interest is in designing and supplying custom rugs and carpeting that is site specific, often working with interior designers. Our line of rug designs made for international retailers
are hand-knotted in Nepal.

2. How would you describe the style behind your brand? What makes it stand out from other brands?
Our brand is contemporary in look and is designed with the thought that each rug will ultimately be on the floor within a furniture setting.  Coming from Canada we have an interesting blend of European and American styles, so our rugs have a combination of elegance and exuberance. We spend a lot of time getting
thecolour relationship in balance. We use a lot of subtle tones, so it's critical that the colours relate to one another with delicacy and finesse. 

3. Where are your carpets made?
The carpets we will have on display in Shanghai are from Nepal.

4. Who designs your rugs and what has been the inspiration behind some of the latest collections?
Our most recent collection Arctic is based on Canada's frozen landscape. Designs include Glacier (blue and white tones that evoke the coldness of ice) and Crystallize (reminiscent of frost on glass) and Cascade (like a waterfall caught frozen in time).


 Crystallize Emerge Plum Cascade


5. What is the secret of a successful carpet?
Balance and colour. We have found that a really great rug needs to be balanced across the whole rug, not necessarily symmetrical but definitely balanced. Our rugs are very sophisticated in colour.



6. Which one of your rugs is your favourite and why?
I really love the rug Glacier—the movement in the layers of blue tones, with the sweeping geometric lines as a contrasting element I find very exciting.


7. What kind of interior projects have you worked on in the past or are working on now?
We work on all kinds of projects from high-end luxury retail, hotel work to residential. We have many projects on at the same time.

8. Can you describe one of the most exciting projects you have worked on in the last five years?
We were contracted to do all the
for Canada House in London England. We worked with contemporary artists using paintings as the starting point translating them into area rugs. There were 29 pieces in total. Right now we are working on some very contemporary rugs for the Canadian Embassies in Berlin and Rome.  We also have done some beautiful hotel work for the Park Hyatt New York, Faena Hotel in Miami, and St. Regis in Mexico City.

9. Are your designs already stocked in China or anywhere in Asia? If not how important is it to you that they are in the future?
We have had a lot of interest from Asia but at this point do not have our designs stocked in China. We think our design aesthetics are very appropriate for the Asian market so think it has great potential

10. What new collections are you working on for the future?
We have two new collections in the pipeline, one based on city architecture, and the other based on very organic patterns developed through an art day workshop we did in the office based on natural dyes. Two very different contrasting collections!